Iconic Scents

Refresh Set of 3


The perfect gifting item, The Refresh Trio embodies Iconic’s approach to scent layering by pairing 3 scents- Rose, Ocean, and Air- that are beautiful burned alone, but create aromatic magic when burned together. Burn with love and enjoy often ❤️

We created the watercolor artwork exclusively for this packaging- each piece is a visual and scent masterpiece from our home to yours.

Iconic Scents' individually hand-poured candles are boxed inside custom packaging at our location in Beverly Hills. The soy-based candles are sourced from high-quality essential oils and contain no harmful or toxic ingredients. You may reuse or recycle the artistic glass housing them.


Weight: 3oz. each / 9oz. for Set of 3

Approximate Burn Time: 10-20 Hrs each / 30-60 for Set of 3