Iconic Scents

Iconic Rose Candle 3oz - A Perfect Tag Along With A Dozen Roses


Our unique Rose selection represents the first candle produced by Iconic Scents, and it quickly became a popular choice among our customers. Initially inspired by a memory from years past, the candle emits a rich Damascene rose fragrance. An evocative rose pepper character dominates the aroma, with support from an elegantly woody accord. A combination of agarwood and sandalwood highlights the intriguing aroma, which differs from the typical homegrown scent most expect from a rose. 

Iconic Scents' individually hand-poured candles are boxed inside custom packaging at our location in Beverly Hills. The soy-based candles are sourced from high-quality essential oils, and contain no harmful or toxic ingredients. You may reuse or recycle the artistic glass housing them.

Weight: 3oz.

Approximate Burn Time: 10-20 Hrs