Iconic Scents

African Soil Set of 3


Could there be the perfect gift to give to someone who appreciates the glory of the natural world? Our stunning Iconic Trio offers all three African Soil candles in one collection. Layer the scents in an interior by combining Hide & Smoke, Serengeti, and Amber Dusk. Burning them alone is fine. Burning the candles together produces aromatic magic. Light the candles enthusiastically and often - your interior will bring you to the glories of the African wilderness.

The packaging adds to the gift-giving value of the African Soil Trio collection. We created unique watercolor visuals exclusive to this collection. Display the packaging like artwork. Each piece in the Trio is truly a visual and scented masterwork for your home.

Iconic Scents' individually hand-poured candles are boxed inside custom packaging at our location in Beverly Hills. The soy-based candles are sourced from high-quality essential oils and contain no harmful or toxic ingredients. You may reuse or recycle the artistic glass housing them.

Weight: 3oz. each / 9oz. fo ar Set of 3

Approximate Burn Time: 10-20 Hrs each / 30-60 for a Set of 3