Our Story

Thoughts Become Things

From concept to reality, thoughts do become things

Iconic’s creator and founder, Mary Ann Murphy was in Ireland when she had the revelation to found a sustainable candle company where glass could be recycled and repurposed. After seeing an empty candle vessel being thrown out for the umpteenth time, she started to imagine a radical possibility- how could she design a candle with a vessel so gorgeous and practical that you would actually want to keep it in your home and re-purpose it? What would that candle smell like? Could people be inclined to lessen their carbon footprint by burning down their candles and re-using them as everyday drinking glasses or multipurpose containers?

Iconic Scents are derived from the small intimate moments that come with being surrounded by nature, spending time with loved ones, having a conversation with an old friend, the feeling of closeness, of togetherness. These scents are Iconic to us, because they engender this intimacy and connection, we all seek carrying with them their own sets of memories and emotions and infusing those with your own.

It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with something that is iconic, to lessen our carbon footprint, to donate 10 percent of our profits to charity, and to raise awareness in our community for local small businesses. Our company was founded on a set of values and it is our mission and purpose to stay true to the intentions on which we were founded. This is the essence of a truly Iconic company and we are rigorous in maintaining this identity.